Hot Tub Indulgence

hot tub indulgence


What better way to unwind after your day of walking, sight seeing or you may just want to relax and enjoy a glass of wine in your own private spa as the sun goes down or under the stars.

Want a fresh and innovative way to socialise with friends and family?

Spend an evening in the hot tub and in the comfort of your own private courtyard. Hot tubs offer a romantic way to unwind with your loved one.

Hot Tub Health Benefits:


  • Relaxing and soaking in hot tubs is proven to reduce stress
  • The luxurious warmth and the powerful water jet relax muscle tension
  • Reduces high blood pressure and headaches caused by the stress of the workplace

Keen for a better night’s sleep?

  • The warm water causes your body to reduce internal temperatures allowing you to drift into a deeper sleep
  • Hot tubs are a natural sleeping remedy so there is no need to resort to prescription or over-the-counter drugs

Tired from the stresses of work or exercise?

  • Relaxes body muscles after exercise
  • Accelerates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killer)
  • Improves blood flow and circulation
  • Reduces pain and tiredness

Suffering from Arthritis or Chronic Pains?

  • The water reduces body weight by approximately 90% taking the strain off joint and muscles
  • The heat from the water warms up joints to keep them moving
  • Reduces swelling by making Collagen Tissue more stretchable, reducing aches and pains
  • A raised body temperature causes vessels to dilate, resulting in better circulation
  • The water provides the right amount of resistance without giving too much pain to arthritic joints and weak muscles